Storm Serpent (Flashy,Quick)

Storm Serpent Form

Storm Serpent style users prize flexibility and speed over all. Using swift strikes, twisting locks, and nerve strikes they seek to slow opponents to better exploit their weaknesses. Practitioners are cautious not to overcommit on attacks and rely on evasion more than blocking incoming attacks. A Storm Serpent fighter does not strike until he is ready, when he does, he does so with alarming effectiveness.

Secret Technique: Serpent Moves Like Rain

Masters of Storm Serpent Kung Fu learn to stay close to their opponents, sensing the ebb and flow of attacks before they begin. This allows them to set up a foe for a disabling attack delivered at precisely the right moment.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after succeeding with style on a Full Defense action using Flashy or Quick. Inflict shifts on your attacker equal to shifts earned on defense plus 2 instead of gaining a boost.

Storm Serpent (Flashy,Quick)

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