Storm Monkey (Flashy,Sneaky)

Storm Monkey Form

Always in motion, Storm Monkey practitioners strive to be everywhere opponents are not. Rolls, controlled falls, and dodges help the stylist flow around incoming attacks. Punches, kicks, and sweeps are delivered with acrobatic finesse that allows them to come from unpredictable angles. Feints, counterblows, slaps or claws to the face or eyes, and even monkeylike screeches are employed to misdirect and confuse. These methods all combine to transform the stylist into a tempestuous flurry of motion who is very difficult to defeat.

Secret Technique: Monkey Grasps the Clouds

Storm Monkey masters have perfected the art of the feint and sudden misdirection. They attack with screeching fury and impressive acrobatic prowess only to redirect their attack at the last minute, moving to intercept their opponent as they move away from the false attack. This puts the master in control of both himself and his opponent’s movements, if only for a few vital moments.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after failing with a physical attack to instead re-roll with a +2 bonus. Apply the second result as a Create an Advantage action to create a Storm Monkey Feint advantage instead of the original attack.

Storm Monkey (Flashy,Sneaky)

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