Storm Dragon (Flashy,Forceful)

Storm Dragon Form

Practitioners of Storm Dragon Kung Fu devote themselves to balancing attack and defense, persistence and restraint. Flowing, fluid defenses lead into strong kicks and fist techniques and locks, throws, and holds let the Stylist dictate the tempo and range of most battles. Strong in many ways but strongest in none, Storm Dragon relies more on having fewer pronounced weaknesses and many potent elements than a few overwhelming strengths.

Secret Technique: Dragon Conquers the Storm

Storm Dragon masters learn to follow strength with speed, speed with strength. This approach makes them very difficult to overcome should they gain even a brief advantage in combat. Those fighting a Storm Dragon master soon find they are striking, moving, and defending at a pace set by the master and, unless they can break that pattern, have little chance of victory.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point; each time you succeed with style on a Flashy or Forceful attack or defense, any boost you receive counts as a +4 bonus instead of the normal +2. This effect lasts for an entire scene.

Storm Dragon (Flashy,Forceful)

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