Storm Crane (Flashy,careful)

Storm Crane Form

One of the most fluid and adaptable of styles, Storm Crane favors soft deflecting defenses mixed with circular redirection of momentum leading to attacks. Practitioners use their superior balance to turn dodges and blocks into sweeping counterblows and use throws and pushes to keep targets at a distance, requiring them to telegraph attacks and open defenses by moving to close with the Storm Crane martial artist.

Secret Technique: Crane Pushes Out the Tide

Storm Crane masters are able to send opponents flying with a soft shove and throw foes many times their size. Using redirected momentum and leverage, they can send targets tumbling to the ground, slamming into walls, or off nearby heights.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after succeeding in a physical attack or Flashy or Careful defense with style. In addition to the normal boost, throw a target 1 zone in any direction and create a Storm Crane Push advantage with on free invocation to reflect target being off balance and possibly prone. Character can use their boost to throw target 1 additional zone instead of the usual bonus. Being thrown into other zones could cause the target trouble if they go over a great height or into a hard surface (GMs judgment, though target should be allowed to defend).

Storm Crane (Flashy,careful)

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