Stone Substyle

Alternative Name: Earth, Mountain, Rock, Unmoving

Stone styles focus on deliberate, uncompromising actions based on solid foundation movements and core philosophies. Unlike Iron, Stone seeks not to re-forge a stylist into a living weapon but instead refine what gifts are already there. Defenses are the primary focus in all Stone styles and even the most aggressive Stone practitioners use defenses that allow them to outlast and overcome foes.

Stone Techniques

Mountain Does Not Fall: You get a +2 bonus to defend against attempts to create an advantage based on unbalancing, pushing, tripping, or knocking over the defender. If a technique from an opponent instead allows them to create such an advantage with free invocations, one less free invocation is granted though the advantage is still created.

Stone Resists the Blow: You gain 2 Armor against any physical attack you are aware of.

Stone Weathers the Storm: If you defend with style, you may remove your 1 stress box or convert another stress box to 1 lower instead of taking a boost.

Stone Substyle

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