Stone Dragon (Careful, Flashy)

Stone Dragon Form

Stone Dragon stylists favor power and defense, using a foundation of strong defensive stances and blocks to protect from opponents. On attack, they are careful not to overcommit and use sweeps, low kicks, and short-ranged strikes to avoid giving openings to an opponent. Practitioners endeavor to outlast and overcome opponents instead of crushing them, making locks and grapples popular.

Secret Technique: Dragon Glides Between Peaks

Stone Dragon masters control the battle by keeping their foes unable to effectively attack. They keep contact as close as possible, allowing them to feel and anticipate attacks before they begin, making them easier to avoid and easier to grapple or lock down.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus to defense rolls against all physical attacks you are aware of and +2 bonus on all attempts to grapple, entangle, or lock down a defender. These bonuses only apply against targets that begin their turn in the same zone as you. This effect lasts for a scene.

Stone Dragon (Careful, Flashy)

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