Lightning Phoenix (Quick, Clever)

Lightning Phoenix Form

Lightning Phoenix stylists understand that mobility grants opportunity and victory. Using evasion, sweeps, and circular strikes they create new avenues of attack and retreat exploitable by swift strikes and sudden movements. Practitioners rarely commit to all-out attacks, instead focusing on setting the tempo of a conflict until their foe is at their mercy.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Rides the Lightning

Lightning Phoenix masters learn to capitalize on the moment when a foe switches between attack and defense. This allows them to avoid and strike more effectively, using their own speed to stay one step ahead of their opponent. Few can match a Lightning Phoenix master who controls the battlefield.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after you succeed with style on an Quick or Clever defense. In addition to the normal boost, gain a +1 attack and defense bonus against this opponent for the rest of the scene. This effect may be stacked through multiple uses of this Secret Technique. When applied to mobs, these bonuses affect all members of a mob.

Lightning Phoenix (Quick, Clever)

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