Lightning Monkey (Quick, Sneaky)

Lightning Monkey Form

Lightning Monkey practitioners use their agility and speed to provide alarming attacks and frenetic defense. Each movement flows into another with incredible swiftness. Rolling evasions become quick strikes which transform into spinning blocks and dodges. Rarely occupying one place in a battle, these stylists instead seem to be everywhere at once. Sweeps, slaps, and pushes keep their opponents off balance and distracted, allowing the Lightning Monkey stylist to overwhelm them or escape the fight if necessary.

Secret Technique: Monkey Slaps the Sky

Lightning Monkey masters can deliver an openhanded blow, twisting throw, or quick sweep that lands so quickly it stuns a foe, leaving them open to other more powerful attacks and briefly hindering their ability to mount a proper offense. This attack by itself can rarely end a fight, but it is often the catalyst for shifting the battle to the Lightning Monkey master’s favor.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and perform a Create an Advantage action against a target, using Quick or Sneaky with a +2 bonus. Success creates a Stunned advantage which, when invoked against this target, also adds a +1 Armor Rating (when invoked on defense) or +1 Weapon Rating (when invoked on an attack).

Lightning Monkey (Quick, Sneaky)

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