Lightning Dragon (Quick, Flashy)

Lightning Dragon Form

While many Kung Fu styles trade speed for power or power for speed, Lightning Dragon teaches practitioners to find power in speed. Twisting strikes and coiled movements generate fast movements that fuel strong attacks, with punches, open-palmed, pushes, and claw-hand blows favored over most kicks. Defenses are a solid mixture of blocks and circular evasive movements. Despite a general lack of far reaching attacks, Lightning Dragon stylists are considered some of the more balanced fighters around.

Secret Technique: Dragon Breathes the Lightning

Lightning Dragon masters have learned to build their power with every movement in a conflict. Each step, shift, or blow adds to their internal power. When the moment is right, the master unleashes this energy, bursting forth with powerful blows that sends his opponent reeling and quickly wears down their defenses.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point; you may “bank” 1 shift from any Quick or Flashy roll made until the end of the scene. These shifts do not count toward their initial roll but can then be added to any successful physical attack roll for the rest of the scene. There is no limit to how many shifts you can bank and use at once, but any unused shifts go away at the end of the scene.

Lightning Dragon (Quick, Flashy)

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