Lightning Crane (Quick, Careful)

Lightning Crane Form

Lightning Crane stylists rely on quick deflecting blocks and subtle but effective evasions executed quickly and without wasted energy. Attacks come in the form of quick hand strikes, low kicks, and the occasional sweep or throw. A Lightning Crane practitioner’s footwork is key to its success, as balance and solid footing lets them throw their entire bodies behind bursts of speed in attack and defense. In many ways this style seems like a stripped down speeded up version of other Crane styles despite being a fully developed style of its own.

Secret Technique: Crane Steps between Thunderstrikes

Lightning Crane masters epitomize the values of the marriage of alacrity and energy conservation. They do not move unless they must, but when they do, it is fueled by the energy they save by staying still. This allows them to easily exploit an opponent who overcommits himself on attack and cannot recover in time to properly defend himself.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point when an attack against you fails. You can immediately roll Quick or Careful to create an advantage against that attacker with onetime bonus equal to your total shifts in defense +1. If your defense also succeeded with style you gain an additional free invocation to the created advantage in addition to the normal boost benefit.

Lightning Crane (Quick, Careful)

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