Iron Tiger (Forceful, Quick)

Iron Tiger Form

The dreaded Iron Tiger practitioner is thought to be one of the most aggressive, lethal fighters around.
What Iron Tigers lack in maneuverability and flexibility they make up for in physical power, toughness, and aggression. This style eschews many of the tactics and principles of softer styles to focus purely on hard-hitting blows, disabling strikes, painful locks, and linear but effective defenses.

Secret Technique: Tiger Caged in Iron

Assuming a powerful and aggressive stance, the Iron Tiger master unleashes a terrible attack on his opponent with the force to shatter bone and burst blood vessels. So strong is the blow that blocking is no defense, only avoiding the blow will save the target.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a physical attack against a target, with a +2 bonus if they use Fight to Defend. Regardless of what the target uses to defend with, also add a +4 Weapon rating to the attack.

Iron Tiger (Forceful, Quick)

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