Iron Monkey (Forceful, Sneaky)

Iron Monkey Form

A mix of impressive circular defensive movements and linear striking techniques, Iron Monkey practitioners employ sweeping blocks and evasions that flow into potent kicks, punches, pushes, grabs, and open hand claws. To the practitioner, a roll or dodge is not just a defensive action but also the beginning of an attack that drives outward from them with surprising force. Like the monkey, these stylists have surprising physical power and rely on quickly bringing that to bear to overcome opponents.

Secret Technique: Monkey Escapes the Cage

Iron Monkey masters learn to use the momentum and positioning of an incoming attack to power their own follow-up strike. The master flips, slips, or otherwise avoids their attacker and meets them with a forceful and well-placed acrobatic strike while their opponent is off-balance or out of position.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to defend against a physical attack with a +2 bonus to Forceful or Sneaky. If the defense succeeds, you gain a +2 boost and +2 Weapon Rating to your next physical attack against your attacker. If you tie instead, neither you nor your attacker gains a boost, though you still get +2 Weapon Rating for your next attack. If you succeed with style, you may create a Superior Positioning advantage with a free invocation instead of a boost.

Iron Monkey (Forceful, Sneaky)

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