Iron Crane (Forceful, Careful)

Iron Crane Form

Iron Crane stylists are a strange mix of hard and soft, linear and circular movements. They remove many of the flourishes and distracting motions that accompany other Crane styles, preferring stripped-down, no-nonsense fighting that focuses on disabling foes quickly with pressure point strikes, hard counterattacks, and throws. Iron Crane is favored by many bodyguards and magistrates for its defensive powers and simple yet effective attack postures.

Secret Technique: IronBeaked Crane Breaks Charging Tiger

Iron Crane masters train to deliver blows to vital points capable of bringing down even seasoned fighters with a single blow. They use their opponent’s own movement and attacks to further fuel this attack, making it dangerous even when minimal force is applied.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point when you succeed with style on a defense roll using Forceful or Careful. In addition to the normal boost, inflict a number of stress shifts
equal to the rating of your opponent’s Forceful plus 2 additional physical stress for each zone the opponent moved in their last action (minimum +2 stress shifts).

Iron Crane (Forceful, Careful)

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