Ghost Tiger (Clever, Forceful)

Ghost Tiger Form

Those who practice Ghost Tiger combine ruthless aggression and a finely honed fighting spirit into a deadly combination. Punishing kicks, punches, and open hand claw strikes to vital areas assault both their opponent’s bodies and spirit. Blocks and welltimed counterblows provide a potent defense even as the stylist continues his steady, brutal assault. Any weakness in an opponent is exploited with the goal of ending a conflict quickly and decisively.

Secret Technique: Tiger Rends the Spirit

Ghost Tiger masters learn a powerful variant of the common Tiger claw strike that not only does grave physical harm, but also damages an opponent’s Chi by rending not only their body but also their spirit. This attack is rumored to even be able to harm ghosts and other supernatural creatures thought to be immune to physical force.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to make an attack using Clever or Forceful approaches with a +1 bonus and +3 Weapon Rating. Chi Armor used to protect against this attack provides 1 less Armor Rating than usual. This technique can hurt ghosts, spirits, demigods, and other beings who may be immune to normal physical attacks.

Ghost Tiger (Clever, Forceful)

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