Ghost Phoenix (Clever, Flashy)

Ghost Phoenix Form

Ghost Phoenix practitioners embrace the transitory nature of battle, seeking ideal pathways for their attacks and defense. Observing foes closely, they align their movements with an opponent allowing them to deliver disabling nerve strikes, sweeping kicks, and unbalancing push attacks not where their opponent is, but where they will be when the blow lands. Their sliding dodges and deflecting blocks work similarly, moving past or along with attacks to avoid contact. Easily one of the softest and most spiritual styles, Ghost Phoenix is nevertheless very effective.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Divines the Heavens

Ghost Phoenix masters learn to instantly attune themselves with the internal energies of an opponent, allowing them to read intended action with a quick glance or light touch. Once so aligned, they move in tandem with their foe, providing an appropriate response to each attack or defense. The Ghost Phoenix master is not consciously reading his opponent’s movements, but instead yielding to the spiritual attuning to become his foe’s perfect counterpoint, the yin to their yang.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and engage in a contest against a target using Chi. Gain a +2 bonus to rolls in this contest and resolve it before any further actions are taken. If you win the contest by scoring 3 successes before your opponent, gain a +1 attack and +1 defense bonus in physical combat against that foe for the rest of the scene. If you are not defeated by this opponent, you may spend 1 Fate Point to receive these bonuses in future scenes without need for another contest.

Ghost Phoenix (Clever, Flashy)

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