Ghost Dragon (Clever, Flashy)

Ghost Dragon Form

More than nearly any other style, Ghost Dragon seeks to find a balance between physical and spiritual, attack and defense. Stylists use cautious but powerful strikes, locks, and sweeps combined with blocks and evasions that use no more movement than necessary.
Ghost Dragon practitioners exude confidence and subtle menace; a warning to opponents who seek to defeat them by deception or misdirection. A Ghost Dragon may be outfought, but he is rarely overwhelmed by all but the mightiest of foes.

Secret Technique: Dragon Stands in Heaven

Ghost Dragon masters cultivate a presence on the battlefield that demoralizes lesser foes and even gives opponents of equal or greater skill a subtle pause that can be exploited. Showing no fear, hesitation, or trepidation, the master creates opportunities for decisive action and implements them with terrible certainty. The master appears to be a solid, unrelenting constant in the middle of the chaos of battle and the effect is unnerving to all who witness his confidence, power, and stoic acceptance of his dominance.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a Create an Advantage action with a +2 bonus using Clever or Flashy with a difficulty equal to the highest Jianghu Rank among your opponents. Success creates an Unnerving Confidence advantage with an additional free invocation.

Ghost Dragon (Clever, Flashy)

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