Forest Tiger (Sneaky, Forceful)

Forest Tiger Form

Forest Tiger stylists are easily the most dangerous of the Forest styles, but among the most reserved of Tiger styles. They focus on situational defense and positioning, but only to set up an opponent for a deadly counterassault. Forest Tiger practitioners are a mix of calm patience and explosive aggression, a challenging mix to deal with.

Secret Technique: Tiger Stalks the Path

Forest Tiger masters are the kings of exploiting a temporary weakness in an opponent’s position or stance. Once they identify such flaws, they move in with a precise but brutal attack that usually finishes the fight and can even injure those with competent but imperfect defenses.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point on a physical attack where a tie or better is achieved. If tied, the action now counts as a success with a +4 Weapon Rating. If already a success, add an additional free invocation to any consequence created by this attack or grant a boost if no consequence is created.

Forest Tiger (Sneaky, Forceful)

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