Forest Monkey (Sneaky, Careful)

Forest Monkey Form

To the Forest Monkey practitioner, everything in the field of battle is part of it. Walls provide springboards and striking surfaces to shove or push an opponent into. Common objects become distractions, impediments, and even weapons. Even their opponents can be maneuvered and repositioned to augment the Forest Monkey’s acrobatic defenses and attacks. While others seeks to avoid or work around such obstacles, the Forest Monkey stylist swings and capers effortlessly among them.

Secret Technique: Monkey Swings From the Tree

The Forest Monkey master has conquered his environment, using it to his advantage to baffle his opponents. No obstacle or hazard can be used to aid against the master’s attacks and defenses, and his opponents often feel as if they are fighting not just the master, but their surroundings as well.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to invoke an environment-based advantage or scene aspect in a physical attack or defense. Instead of the normal +2 bonus, this invocation receives a +3 bonus and does not use up any free invocations possessed, though these may be used in conjunction with this technique.
If the attack or defense using this advantage or aspect succeeds with style, you may add a free invocation to it instead of taking a boost.

Forest Monkey (Sneaky, Careful)

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