Forest Dragon (Sneaky, Flashy)

Forest Dragon Form

Forest Dragon practitioners stand proud and powerful in the center of any situation, relying on their solid stances and powerful blocks and strikes to direct a conflict. They seek firm footing and advantageous positions, allowing their foes to come to them and only moving when their actions create new opportunities.

Secret Technique: Dragon Waits in the Trees

Forest Dragon masters learn to see strong and weak avenues of attack and defense in every situation.
They can adjust their tactics instantly to exploit these openings.
Effect: Spend 1 Fate point to create an advantage with a +2 bonus against an opponent who has just failed a roll in a Fight contest involving you. This can also be a defense against your own attack any attempt to create an advantage against you during physical combat (such as using Deceive to feint or disorient).

Forest Dragon (Sneaky, Flashy)

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