Dragon Substyle

Alternate Names: Drake, Lung, Quilin

Dragon styles focus on a balance of power and speed, versatility and simplicity. Strong attacks, solid stances, and sudden evasion are the trademarks of a Dragon style. Dragon styles borrow from other fighting arts more than other styles, with practitioners using Tiger-like claws or Serpent-like shifts and rapid jabs.
Some Dragon stylists develop a breathing technique that sounds like a hissing serpent and is said to greatly increase their Chi flow; it also can greatly unnerve an opponent.

Dragon Techniques

Dragon Rules the Fields: When you succeed with style on an attack, gain a boost—with a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2—without reducing the value of your attack.

Dragon Rules the Heavens: Gain a +2 bonus to Overcome actions when moving past obstacles or individuals that are attempting to limit you moving between zones.

Dragon Sleeps in Mist: When you succeed with style on a defense, you may reduce the result by 1 to gain 2 Armor Rating against the next attack in the scene that strikes you in addition to the normal boost.

Dragon Substyle

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