Crane Substyle

Alternate Names: Heron, Stork, White Crane

Crane styles focus on fluid movements, misdirection, and redirection of an opponent’s movements. Sweeping blocks and counterstrikes combinations, throws, and graceful and precise strikes to vulnerable areas define Crane styles in combat. Like their namesakes, Crane stylists rely on swift counterstrikes, strong defense, and allowing opponent’s to rush to action and thus reveal their vulnerabilities.

Crane Techniques

Crane Hides in Reeds: Add an additional +2 bonus when using Full Defense to defend yourself in combat. If used to defend others, gain 2 Armor Rating instead.

Crane Sleeps Standing: +2 bonus when Overcoming physical obstacles based on physical obstruction or poor footing.

Crane Stuns the Carp: If you succeed with style on a physical attack using an approach associated with your Kung-Fu style, you may create a Stunned advantage on a target with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.

Crane Substyle

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