Tiger Substyle

Alternate Names: King Tiger, Lion, White Tiger

Tiger styles are about power, ferocity, and damage, both inflicting and resisting. The “Tiger Claw” strike is universal among all Tiger styles, though powerful kicks, punches, and hard blocks that can themselves damage foes are the weapons of the Tiger. These moves are usually linear, relying on speed and power to batter through defenses. Practitioners of this style keep themselves in peak physical condition and incorporate their prowess into their attack and defense.

Tiger Techniques

Tiger Moves With Purpose: Move at least 1 zone and make an attack using Athletics or make an Athletics attack on a target that just moved into your zone on their last action. Add 2 shifts to any stress you deal with this attack.

Tiger Rends the Flesh: When you tie on an attack using an approach associated with your Kung-Fu for defense you can inflict a 2 point shift physical attack instead of taking a boost.

Tiger Rules the Jungle: You may always use Forceful Approach to defend against attempts to cower, intimidate, or provoke you. Gain 2 Armor Rating against any attacks based on such attempts.

Tiger Substyle

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