Storm Tiger (Flashy, Forceful)

Storm Tiger Form

Storm Tiger practitioners learn to direct and employ force and energy against their foes in a number of ways to keep them off balance and operating at diminished strength. Pushes, nerve strikes, disabling claw hand strikes, sweeps, and twisting joint locks allow the Storm Tiger stylists to strike at their opponents’ willingness and ability to fight. Mixing hard blocks with flowing movements allows them to absorb powerful attacks without yielding ground.

Secret Technique: Tiger Roars like Thunder

Storm Tiger masters learn to cultivate their internal energies and release them in powerful bursts of energy that disorient and disable opponents. The most common method is a great roaring shout or clawing strike to various pressure points, though different masters develop other maneuvers to channel these energies as well.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and use Clever to create a Thundering Tiger advantage with a +4 bonus to the roll that disorients or disables your opponent. If you follow this immediately with a Forceful or Flashy attack against the same opponent on your next action, you may invoke this advantage once without using up a free invocation.

Storm Tiger (Flashy, Forceful)

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