Storm Phoenix (Flashy,Clever)

Storm Phoenix Form

Often seen as a feminine style even among the Phoenix styles for its grace and reliance on maneuverability, Storm Phoenix stylists are nevertheless found among men, women, and eunuchs. Acrobatic strikes and dodges flow into low sweeps and quick counters to create a fluid style with its own unique rhythm. Practitioners rarely stand still, instead using movement to enhance attack and defense, as well as luring opponents into making crucial errors.

Secret Technique: Clouds Embrace the Phoenix

Storm Phoenix masters learn to use motion itself as both shield and weapon. Complex acrobatics and swift movement across the battlefield grant power to the master’s attack and grace to their defense.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to add +1 Weapon Rating and +1 Armor Rating to all Flashy and Clever attacks and defenses. If you or your opponent moves at least 1 zone on their last action, increase these bonuses to +3. This effect lasts for an entire scene.

Storm Phoenix (Flashy,Clever)

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