Stone Tiger (Careful, Forceful)

Stone Tiger Form

Stone Tiger practitioners meld solid defenses and aggressive attacks into an erratic but effective style.
There are few movements in Stone Tiger that are not designed to block a blow or crush an opponent, making it a disconcerting mix of stillness and savagery. Stone Tigers favor strikes that can be easily and effectively delivered following a defense, including low kicks, short-ranged punches and open hand claw strikes.

h4. Secret Technique: Tiger Comes Down From the Mountain

Stone Tiger masters learn to stay on defense and bide their time. Then, without warning, they will launch into a savage all-out attack to catch an opponent off guard and overwhelm his defenses. Few are prepared for this assault, making it very difficult to counter.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to use the shifts from your last Careful or Forceful defense roll as a bonus to your next physical attack (minimum +3 bonus). This attack also reduces any Armor Rating the defender has by 2.

Stone Tiger (Careful, Forceful)

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