Stone Phoenix (Careful,Clever)

Stone Phoenix Form

Viewing the earthen element of their style as more philosophical and spirituals, Stone Phoenix practitioners are easily the most mobile of the Stone styles. Stylists use retreating movements and circular evasions to add effectiveness to blocks and dodges. High kicks, spinning strikes, and sweeps keep foes at a distance but still within range of the practitioner’s attacks.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Retreats to Cliff

Stone Phoenix masters learn to divert the power of a foe’s attack by moving away from it. They yield ground on the battlefield but in doing so avoid damage and place themselves in a position to recover and reassess. Combined with the mobility of the style as a whole, this is often a very effective tactic.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus on a defense action and move 1 zone away from an attacker. You also gain a +4 bonus to defend against attempts to stop you from leaving the zone. If your defense succeeds with style you may create an advantage with one free invocation based on perspective or superior positioning in addition to gaining a boost.

Stone Phoenix (Careful,Clever)

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