Stone Monkey (Careful, Flashy)

Stone Monkey Form

The most static and conservative of the Monkey styles, Stone Monkey practitioners rely on balance and precision to win the day. Thrusting kicks, punches, and claw-like strikes are delivered with solid force that nevertheless does not overcommit the stylist. Straightforward simple evasions and blocks provide a solid defense augmented with well-timed rolls and flips that allow the stylist to move from one solid position to another without exposing themselves to attack. This combination of solid basics and the Monkey’s trademark agility makes them hard to hit and even harder to harm.

Secret Technique: Monkey Sits on the Mountain

Stone Monkey masters have learned to perfectly time their defenses to flow together, creating a solid mix of motion and stillness where the master is never truly vulnerable despite appearances. Like a monkey perched on a high peak, the master is difficult to reach before he scampers away to safety.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to re-roll a failed Clever or Flashy defense roll. Add a +2 bonus and +2 Armor rating to the re-rolled result.

Stone Monkey (Careful, Flashy)

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