Stone Crane (Careful, Clever)

Stone Crane Form

One of the most defensively solid styles, Stone Crane relies on solid stances and limiting an opponent’s ability to attack. Practitioners use blocks, circular evasion, locks, and pressure point strikes to avoid attacks and hinder opponents. Weaker on attack, Stone Crane stylists wait until the right opening and put an attacker down hard and fast.

Secret Technique: Crane Flies Behind Mountain

Crane Stone masters learn to create solid, nearly impenetrable defenses designed to open an attacker’s defenses without weakening their own. This focus makes direct attacks against them unwise, as they will eventually lead to an attacker’s undoing.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after you succeed on a Fight or Athletics defense with style. In addition to the normal boost or effects from other Techniques, create a Crane Strikes from the Mountain advantage with two free invocations usable to defend against, attack, or hinder your attacker.

Stone Crane (Careful, Clever)

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