Serpent Substyle

Alternate Names: Cobra, Snake, Viper

Like the animal they emulate, Serpent stylists are often admired for their speed, efficiency, and formidable nature while simultaneously being feared and despised for their ruthless lethality. Focusing on speed and strikes to vulnerable areas, Serpent practitioners use rapid jabs, open handed blows, and quick kicks to disable and destroy their foes. Relying on speed and avoidance for defense, they prefer dodging, slipping, weaving, and feinting until they can find an opening to strike.

Serpent Techniques

Serpent Bites the Hand: If you gain shifts on a defense, you can sacrifice your action next turn to immediately inflict an attack on your opponent using the shift value of your defense as your attack result.

Serpent Strikes First: Gain a +1 bonus to Quick Approach when determining turn order in physical conflicts. If you end up acting first in the conflict, gain a +1 bonus to that first action.

Serpent Strikes Twice: +2 bonus to rolls using an approach associated with your Kung-Fu to create an advantage based on disorientation, distraction, or unbalancing against opponents you have already inflicted stress on this combat

Serpent Substyle

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