Phoenix Substyle

Alternate Names: Firebird, Peacock, Rooster

Phoenix styles focus on balance, agility, redirecting an opponent’s attack, quick recoveries and counterattacks. Leg sweeps, pushes, nerve strikes, and other such maneuvers keep an opponent off balance and unable to attack effectively. Circular movements are common in both attack and defense.
The earliest Phoenix styles were mostly practiced by women, though today there are many male Phoenix stylists as well.

Phoenix Techniques

Phoenix Beats its Wings: If you defend with style, you may gain an Off Balance advantage on the target, with a free invocation instead of a boost.

Phoenix Calls to Heaven: You gain an additional use of Chi Armor each battle, beyond what is normally granted by your Jianghu Rank. You may also burn this, treating it as an additional mild consequence. However, you will not be able to use the extra Chi Armor use granted by this technique until you recover this consequence.

Phoenix Laughs at the Sun: If you succeed at an Overcome roll using an approach associated with your Kung-Fu , you may create a situation aspect with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.

Phoenix Substyle

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