Monkey Substyle

Alternate Names: Baboon, Ape

A collection of unconventional, acrobatic styles, Monkey styles are based on acrobatic evasions, quick strikes, and distracting movements and even animal-like noises designed to disorient and frustrate opponents. Stylists move quickly and erratically on attack and defense, with rolls and leaps flowing into dodges, punches, and kicks. Striking vulnerable points on a target is emphasized, as is turning or rolling away from blows to protect one’s own vital areas.

Monkey Techniques

Monkey Grabs the Peach: Add +2 Weapon Rating to an attack where you also invoke a consequence the defender has.

Monkey Dances in Moonlight: When succeeding on a defense with style, you may create a Distracting Movements advantage with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.

Monkey Rolls Away: When invoking an aspect or advantage during a defense roll, gain 2 Armor Rating against the attack if it succeeds.

Monkey Substyle

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