Lightning Serpent (Quick, Sneaky)

Lightning Serpent Form

There are no faster fighters than the Lightning Serpent practitioner. Favoring speed above all else, stylists train to be fast on attack, fast on defense, and fast to gain and give ground. Jabs and swift kicks are key to wearing down a foe with a flurry of attacks or quickly disabling lesser opponents. The best Lightning Serpent stylists seem to barely move at all except in blurring jerks, so quickly do they strike, dodge, and step.

Secret Technique: Serpent Strikes Like Lightning

The master of Lightning Serpent has the ability to channel his mind and body to deliver a blow so quickly even thoughts cannot beat it. This blow has no flourish or extra motion, everything is a perfect line between attacker and defender at maximum speed.

Effect: After any character’s action in a turn has occurred, spend 1 Fate Point to make a Quick or Sneaky attack with +1 bonus that ignores 2 points of Armor Rating. This attack occurs immediately, regardless of normal turn order.

Lightning Serpent (Quick, Sneaky)

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