Iron Serpent (Forceful, Quick)

Iron Serpent Form

Iron Serpent practitioners use power and speed to compensate for direct defense. They seek to end fights quickly with a series of quick jabs, kicks, and grabs that all have surprising power behind them. Evasion and blocking are not ignored, but few movements are used that do not also set up the stylist for their own attacks.

Secret Technique: Serpent Sword Blow

The Iron Serpent master delivers a fast blow that weaves past a foe’s defenses and cuts deeply into him. Even barehanded strikes using this attack can cut or stab, so great is the speed and power of this blow.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point before making a physical attack to get a +2 bonus and +2 Weapon Rating. This attack does 0 stress + Weapon Rating on a tie in addition to the normal boost.

Iron Serpent (Forceful, Quick)

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