Iron Phoenix (Forceful, Clever)

Iron Phoenix Form

Favored by female warriors and those desiring a mix of power and maneuverability, Iron Phoenix provides a mixture of strong fundamental attacks and defenses and elaborate evasions and feints. Practitioners of this style seek to strike an opponent’s vital areas with disabling force and avoid damage by combining efficient dodges and misdirecting blocks.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Breaks the Anvil

Iron Phoenix masters learn to strike a foe with both pinpoint precision and alarming power, delivering a blow that not only shuts down a target’s Chi flow, but also damages their body. This attack leaves lasting effects, requiring time for the target’s spirit and body to heal.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate point to add 4 additional stress to shift value of a successful physical attack. Targets who elect to take at least one consequence can avoid this extra stress

Iron Phoenix (Forceful, Clever)

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