Iron Dragon (Forceful, Flashy)

Iron Dragon Form

Iron Dragon stylists are some of the toughest fighters around. Eschewing fancy maneuvers for strong blows and hard blocks, the style favors taking lesser blows to open a foe up to a disabling lock or punishing strike. What the Iron Dragon lacks in subtlety, he makes up in majestic power.

Secret Technique: Scales and Teeth Unto like Iron

Hardening his skin to deliver terrible blows and withstand incredible punishment, the Iron Dragon master is a terror in combat. He can rend flesh with a blow or shrug off mighty blows with conditioning and superior Kung Fu.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate point; for the remainder of the scene, any attacker who creates a consequence on you with physical combat does not get a free invocation for creating the consequence. In addition, you gain +1 Weapons Rating to all your Fight attacks.

Iron Dragon (Forceful, Flashy)

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