Ghost Substyle

Alternate Names: Spirit, Heaven

Ghost styles focus on cultivating internal energies and subtle movements that are deceptively swift and effective when used in combat. They become an empty place in the universe that is difficult to predict and perceive. The stylist’s own Chi energy is used to fuel most attacks and defenses, and weaknesses in an opponent’s spirit are capitalized upon at every opportunity. Ghost stylists rely on random, subtle shifts to move effortlessly from attack to defense, making them unpredictable and adaptable.

Ghost Techniques

Exalted Ghost Body: When using Full Defense, you do not use up an invocation to use Chi Armor if the attack against you still succeeds.

Ghost Haunts the Shadow: You may use Clever instead of Sneaky to Create an Advantage based on stealth or concealment. If Sneaky is greater or equal to a character’s Clever approach, gain a +2 bonus to such rolls instead.

Ghost Strikes the Spirit: Gain +1 Weapon Rating and ignore 1 Armor Rating when attacking in a physical conflict who is either Jianghu Rank 0, part of a mob, or has a consequence based around weakened Chi energies.

Ghost Substyle

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