Ghost Serpent (Clever, Quick)

Ghost Serpent Form

Ghost Serpent practitioners are some of the most elusive, graceful, and unpredictable fighters. Their swift, smooth strikes slide past defenses to find vital points in an opponent and their subtle shifting dodges and blocks turn aside blows that seemed would connect. Feints and locks augment these methods and allow the stylist to control a battle, keeping an opponent from bringing his full power to bear on the Ghost Serpent.
Practitioners favor speed and precision over power, eschewing powerful but slower methods for a flurry of well-aimed and timed techniques.

Secret Technique: Serpent Poisons the Soul

Ghost Serpent masters have learned the secrets of hindering one’s opponents by disrupting or “poisoning” their Chi flow. By striking with incredible precision and speed, the master channels his own internal energies through his blow and causes his opponent’s own energies to work against them, locking joints, slowing reflexes, and otherwise restricting their ability to fight. While not lethal by itself, this technique can render a powerful foe so impaired they can be easily disabled or killed by the Ghost Serpent.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a physical attack against a target with a +2 bonus. If the attack succeeds with at least 2 shifts, the defender must take a Poisoned Chi consequence to deal with the damage even if they have stress boxes available or be taken out of the exchange, their body paralyzed and useless. The consequence can be any severity available to the character but it must affect all the shifts inflicted.
Any further uses of this Secret Technique against the same opponent will add a free invocation to this consequence per two shifts instead of doing stress and consequences normally for as long as the character possesses this consequence.

Ghost Serpent (Clever, Quick)

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