Ghost Monkey (Clever, Sneaky)

Ghost Monkey Form

Ghost Monkey concentrates on the mastery of internal energies to augment the style’s acrobatic defenses and attacks. Pushes, feints, sweeps, and pressure point strikes hinder an attacker, making him easier to outmaneuver and subdue. Rolls and dodges keep opponents at a distance until the practitioner can find the right opening to finish the fight with a disabling strike or grapple. One of the most physical of the Ghost styles, many underestimate the inner power of the capering, mocking Ghost Monkey.

Secret Technique: Monkey Laughs at the Gods

Ghost Monkey masters can channel their internal energies to propel their bodies out of harm’s way with alarming speed and agility. Even seemingly unstoppable attacks can be avoided by removing the master from their path with a nigh-impossible dodge, leap, or rolling evasion. Furthermore, the Ghost Monkey’s attunement to the spiritual allows them to position themselves most effectively to deliver a perfect follow-up attack. Even aging or frail masters of this style can perform amazing acrobatic defenses, their Chi pushing them to places their muscles alone cannot.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and using Clever or Sneaky to defend against a physical attack by dodging or evading. This defense roll gets a +2 bonus and if it succeeds with style you gain a +1 attack bonus and +1 Weapon Rating to your next attack against your attacker in addition to the normal boost.

Ghost Monkey (Clever, Sneaky)

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