Ghost Crane (Clever, Careful)

Ghost Crane Form

Ghost Crane practitioners use sweeping movements that seem deceptively slow but are in fact swift and effective. This seeming weakness of their style creates gaps in their opponent’s attacks and defenses, who find themselves unbalanced and striking or blocking just a moment too late. Nerve strikes, sweeps, and maneuvers that redirect an opponent’s momentum are common. Despite their solid footwork and effective defense, Ghost Crane stylists rarely hold position and instead flow through the battle like a graceful spirit.

Secret Technique: Crane Flies through Heaven

Ghost Crane masters seem to shift almost instantly away from incoming attacks as if they were never in their path in the first place. Attuning their internal energies with an incoming attack, they repel and avoid it by matching its power, speed, and technique with an effective counterpoint. Masters may shift subtly to avoid an attack to evade with a sweeping block or acrobatic dodge, but the end result is the same, the blow does not land.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to re-roll a defense against a physical attack, adding a +2 bonus to defense. Any aspects or advantages invoked in the previous roll are kept. If this defense was not previously a Full Defense, you may now do so for the normal +2 bonus.

Ghost Crane (Clever, Careful)

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