Character Creation

Jianghu Rank

Rank Chi Armor Invocations Movement Bonus Special Cumulative
0 None +0 None
1 1 per conflict +1 Automatically succeed on recover action for a consequence if
allowed to meditate and channel energies after scene.
2 2 per conflict +1 May give Chi Armor to others or aid their recovery of consequences
3 3 per conflict +2 May reduce Chi Armor Invocations available per scene to 1 until
a moderate consequence is removed to recover from it in half the
normal time.
4 3 per conflict +2 May recover severe consequences as per guidelines above. Chi
Armor now gives 3 Armor Rating instead of 2

Bonus Movement

Flashy Base Movement
0-2 +1
3-4 +2
5-6 +3
7-8 +4

Character Creation

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