Francis the Flower Tender

Gorilla Beastman Paladin



Core Concept: Gorilla Beastman Paladin
Motivation: Sacred Defender of the Last Monastery

Kung-Fu: Storm Crane (Flashy,careful)


Careful: +4
Clever: +1
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +0


Chains (Quick): You are armed with a whip, net, chain, bola, or other snaring
weapon. You can Quickly create an advantage to ensnare or tie a character. The
first time during a scene that an enemy tries to break free from your snare, the
opposition increases by +2.

Bone Skin (Careful): You can rapidly cover your skin with thick bone armor. If you spend an exchange doing nothing but defending yourself, you gain +2 whenever you Carefully defend yourself against physical attacks until the end of the scene

War Cry (Flashy): You can make a fearsome roar, rattle, hiss, or similar threatening
sound. +2 when Flashily attacking in mental conflicts if the attack is based
on causing fear.

Storm Rumbles in Distance: Make a roll using an approaches associated with the character’s Kung-Fu style adding a +2 bonus to create an advantage based on controlling or redirecting momentum. If you move at least 1 zone as part of this action, or your opponent has moved at least 1 zone as part of their last action, gain a +3 bonus instead.


Refresh: 3
Movement: 3
Jianghu Rank: 1


Francis the Flower Tender

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