Drek the Spirit Caller

Beastman, Vulture Priest



Core Concept: Vulture Shaman
Motivation: Pay Homage to the Dead Gods
Free: The Shades of the Dead Protect Me

Kung-Fu: Ghost Crane (Clever, Careful)


Careful: +4
Clever: +2
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +1
Quick: +0
Sneaky: +1


Precognition (Careful): You can sense when trouble is coming. Once per scene, when you Carefully defend yourself against a trap or an inanimate threat, you can outcome surge the result.

Wings (Flashy/Quick): You have a wings of skin or membrane that let you glide through the air. +2 when Quickly or Flashily overcoming physical obstacles that you can fly over.

Crane Stuns the Carp: If you succeed on a physical attack using an approaches associated with the character’s Kung-Fu style, with style, you may create a Stunned advantage on a target with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.

Ghost Strikes the Spirit: Gain +1 Weapon Rating and ignore 1 Armor Rating when attacking in a physical conflict who is either Jianghu Rank 0, part of a mob, or has a consequence based around weakened Chi energies.


Refresh: 3
Movement: 4
Jianghu Rank: 1


Drek the Spirit Caller

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