Artemis Gordon Master of the Mind

Humanoid Psion



Core Concept: Humanoid Psion
Motivation: Defend my Family
Free: Trained at the Imperial Institute

Kung-Fu: Ghost Dragon (Clever, Flashy)


Careful: +4
Clever: +1
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +0
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1


Brain Twister (Clever): Using psychic energy, you can Cleverly attack an opponent’s mind—provided they have a mind to attack! If you succeed with style on this attack, you can discover an aspect of the target with one free invoke instead of taking the boost. In addition, you can never become Unarmed.

Energy Beams (Forceful/Flashy): Pick a type of force or energy, such as fire, light, electricity, or gravity. Whenever you succeed with style on a Forceful or Flashy attack, you can forgo the boost to move the defender up to two zones away. In addition, you can never become Unarmed.

Mind Reader (Careful/Clever): You can use telepathy to read the minds of your opponents, using create an advantage to Carefully uncover details about their true nature. Additionally, once you have discovered an aspect about your opponent in this way, you gain +2 to Cleverly create or discover mental aspects on that opponent.

Dragon Sleeps in Mist: When you succeed with style on a defense, you may reduce the result by 1 to gain 2 Armor Rating against the next attack in the scene that strikes you in addition to the normal boost.

Exalted Ghost Body: When using Full Defense, you do not use up an invocation to use Chi Armor if the attack against you still succeeds.

Ghost Strikes the Spirit: Gain +1 Weapon Rating and ignore 1 Armor Rating when attacking in a physical conflict who is either Jianghu Rank 0, part of a mob, or has a consequence based around weakened Chi energies.


Refresh: 2
Movement: 3
Jianghu Rank: 1


Artemis Gordon Master of the Mind

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